Is a curtain wall the same as a window wall?

It is common to find windows adorning mid-rise and high-rise buildings. From outsider people‘s perspectives, these buildings are covered in glass windows rather than other standard building materials.In the industry, this design feature is often referred to as a curtain wall or window wall....

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How to Solve Bubbles in Road Markings?

How to Solve Bubbles in Road Markings?       All roads should be clean and dry during the marking construction. Moisture is the most harmful factor in the adhesion of paint and pavement. The amount of moisture in the ground is enough to affect proper coating adhesion. Early morn...

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Introduction and Advantages of Motorized Roller Blinds

Practical and convenient - the introduction and advantages of motorized roller blinds In modern society, people are demanding more and more for the comfort, practicality and convenience of home life. As a kind of intelligent curtain decoration products, electric roller blinds are gradually recogn...

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Is your eco-pergola still manual?

Enjoying BBQ with family or friends in your outdoor space on a summer night is a great thing! So let’s just say that a minimalist gazebo design can be so important. All you need to do to create a gazebo is to add a [sunshade louvered pergola] to your patio, terrace garden, decking or poolside. It...

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Are aluminum pergolas weatherproof and waterproof?

Aluminum pergolas may be a favorite outdoor amenity for shade, relaxing or dining outdoors in the summer. But when the inevitable downpour comes pouring down, will a pergola be able to withstand the elements? No aluminum pergola can be guaranteed to be 100 percent "waterproof" or "...

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