Architectural aluminum profiles are available in different materials and in different shapes and sizes. These materials are used in a variety of different fields. We usually select suitable materials based on their different properties and areas of use.


1. Light steel frame 

Light steel frames are special profiles used in the construction industry to produce prefabricated structures. These profiles can be made of steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel or other materials. Prefabricated buildings are used in industrial buildings, warehouses, workplaces, hospitals, schools and many other structures. There are many types of light steel frames. They are designed in different shapes such as roof beams, wall profiles, angle profiles, beams, columns and channels. Since the profiles are prefabricated, they can be installed quickly and easily. The material is more durable and long-lasting, the cost is lower, the installation is simple and fast, and it is also more environmentally friendly.


2. PVC support profiles

PVC support profile is a profile used for mounting PVC doors and windows. Mainly made of PVC material, it is generally installed directly under the window or door frame to fill the space and make the structure more stable. Installed doors and windows are also safer and stronger. At the same time, PVC support profiles come in many different sizes and shapes, which can match many different sizes of doors and windows, and also come in different colors and patterns, expanding the user's range of choices.


3. Metal stud profiles

Metal stud profile types are one of the most important parts of prefab construction. Metal stud profiles for wall partitioning and suspended ceiling applications. Because of its easy installation and portability, it is often used as a prefabricated building material, and its beautiful appearance and high quality make it very popular in the construction field. It is mainly divided into two types: walls and ceilings.

Architectural aluminum profiles