Self-Adhesive stainless steel trim is made of stainless steel as raw materials.

There are many colors on the surface to choose from,can be Silver,Gold,Rose Gold and Black color.Paste 3m glue behind the back and use it to use it, which can be easily pasted on the wall or on the table. Cut as required length. It has a strong metal texture, suitable for modern home decoration style.

Self Adhesive Metal Tiles

Self-adhesive stainless steel trim is a versatile product that is commonly used for various purposes, both in residential and commercial settings. Here are some common uses of self-adhesive stainless steel trim:

Decorative purposes: Stainless steel trim can be used to enhance the aesthetics of different surfaces, such as walls, countertops, appliances, furniture, and more. Its sleek and modern appearance can provide a stylish and contemporary look to any space.

metal trim molding

Protection: Stainless steel trim can be applied to edges, corners, and vulnerable areas to protect them from damage or wear. For example, it can be used to protect the edges of doors, cabinets, or tables, preventing chips, scratches, or dents.

Edge banding: Self-adhesive stainless steel trim is often used as edge banding on furniture, countertops, or shelving. It provides a durable and attractive finish, covering the exposed edges of material such as wood or laminates.

Transition strips: When transitioning between different flooring materials, such as from tile to carpet or from tile to wood, stainless steel trim can be used to create a smooth and visually appealing transition point.

Self Adhesive Edge Trim

DIY projects: Stainless steel trim is popular among DIY enthusiasts who want to add a decorative or protective touch to their projects. It can be easily cut and applied to various surfaces, making it a convenient option for DIY home improvement or renovation projects.

The adhesive backing on the trim allows for easy installation without the need for additional tools or fasteners. However, it’s important to ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free from debris before applying the self-adhesive trim to ensure a proper and long-lasting bond.