Why Two-Component Marking Paints Are More Suitable for Heavy Traffic Sections?



There are roughly three types of road marking paint on the market, namely: waterborne marking paint, hot melt marking paint, and two-component marking paint. So, what are the differences between these types of markings, and which type is more suitable for heavy traffic sections?


1.      The waterborne marking paint has poor wear resistance and can only be used for about three months to half a year. Moreover, because the paint itself does not adhere firmly to the glass beads, the marking does not have reflective performance; despite the construction and maintenance efficiency of the marking project higher, but it’s not that appreciate to be used in heavy traffic sections. Usually,waterborne markings are more suitable for first- and second-level highways in cities and sections with less traffic.


2.      The wear resistance of hot melt marking paint is better than the waterborne markings. It can be used for more than one year in heavy traffic areas. Usually,hot melt paints are mixed with drop-on glass beads to make road markings reflect light. However, since the main raw material of hot-melt marking paint is C5 petroleum resin, which is greatly affected by temperature changes, markings will become sticky under high temperatures in summer and easily adhere to dirt, especially in cities with serious environmental pollution, the markings will not be stain resistant.


3.      The two-component marking paint has the strongest wear resistance among the three and can be used for more than 2 years even on roads with heavy traffic. The main raw material of the two-component marking paint is methyl methacrylate, which prevents the two-component marking from being affected by temperature changes and wear-resistant and crack-resistant fibers after the marking is damaged. It also has a good effect on glass beads. The excellent adhesiveness prevents the glass beads on the marking surface from falling off easily. When carrying out marking maintenance, there is no need to remove the old markings. You only need to polish the surface of the old markings and then spray paint a layer of two-component high-brightness markings, thus further improving the efficiency of marking maintenance.


It's important to note that different manufacturers may have proprietary formulations or variations in resin types for road marking paints. Additionally, regional regulations and standards may influence the choice of resin for road marking applications.


The ultimate purpose of installing and maintaining road markings is to improve road safety; for this, high-quality raw traffic safety materials are essential.


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